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Supplement may prevent psychosis!

Attention families with psychosis among relatives! Omega-3 fatty acids may prevent onset of psychotic disorders in high-risk populations. This is according to a study published by Amminger and associates in the Arch Gen Psychiatry, 2010 Feb;67(2):146-54. The study suggests that a common supplement that we use for heart disease and stroke prevention may also prevent the progression of psychotic illness in those who have what is called prodromal symptoms (or what I call “pre-psychotic symptoms”). What are pre-psychotic symptoms? Early symptoms may include hearing voices or having some unusual sensory experiences; mood disorders; disorganization in surroundings, speech or actions; and unusual motor activities or posturing. My opinion with this study is that it is certainly worth trying as we all have heard how good Omega-3s are for the body and brain. I think too often we are inclined to jump to powerful drugs earlier than is necessary. How about trying upping our fatty fish consumption or using a supplement? For many the Omega-3s may be enough!