psychiatric nurse practitioner boise idahoOur approach is holistic and integrative, meaning that we use an approach that addresses the body, the mind (or psyche) and spirit. We will start by offering a comprehensive evaluation of medical history, current and past psychiatric history, cultural issues and spiritual history.

We will most likely do some lab work to determine if there are any nutritional deficiencies or medical issues that could be effecting well-being. After results are formulated, together we will create a plan to help you with your goals.

Treatment team

sofaWe may decide to do some individual or relationship counseling, psychotherapy (Cognitive Behaviorial Therapy is a favorite and highly effective), health habit teaching or,  if desired,  explore spiritual issues. We may discuss nutritional requirements and supplements for good mental health and if appropriate I may prescribe medication to help with troublesome symptoms that are impeding your ability to get healthy.

For those who already have a counselor or therapist, we will respect that relationship. We can offer medical expertise and medication management services and coordinate care with your counselor or therapist.


Attention!!! Substance Abuse counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy coming soon!