About Us

Satu Woodland is owner and clinical director of Boise Mental Health. She is a Psychiatric Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist (PMHCNS) with a minor in Cross Cultural Health Care.   She has 30 years experience in health care overall, 20 of it being in mental health care and 6 years treating mental health conditions in Boise, ID and Meridian, ID.   Satu enjoys hiking, camping,traveling, going to the theatre and spending time with family and friends]. She is married to David Woodland and they have five children and six grandsons.  

Josh Woodland assists me with the practice on weekdays. He is a college student majoring in Nursing who plans on becoming a PMHNP in the future. You will love his down to earth compassionate nature!

Dave Woodland also helps out in the office when Josh is not available. His background is accounting and finance and his main job is as a Mortgage Broker, helping people get loans.

If you are a licensed counselor, psychologist, APRN or psychiatrist, we are hiring! We will also consider precepting PMHNP’s in their last year of graduate school.